Ferrari Enzo Concept

CAD Model and Render

With this new concept Ferrari I have tried to develop what a modern interpretation of the Ferrari Enzo would look like. This car is the most extreme vehicle that Ferrari made, so this 3D CAD model concept car had to reflect those same attributes. Using the same visual cues such as the traditional 'pointy nose', the extremely large air outlets and inlets, and long wide stance the new car keeps the branding, but moves onwards from where the current car is.

The CAD Modelling has been created in 3D Studio Max, using a 'rough model' made from lines joined to make 3 or 4 point squares which allow a 3D surface to be made. Then this rough model has a Mesh smooth applied to it, leaving a gloriously smooth finish to the exterior of the concept.

Rendering was also completed within 3D Studio Max using my new favourite rendering engine - Vray. The final 3D render uses an HDRI map bakground which also produces the lighting for the Model. Overal it was a great concept car project to undertake and I hope you enjoy it too!

Let me know what you think of this concept car, I will be glad to hear your feedback.

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