About Me

A little insight..

I have always had a burning interest for the world of design and have a genuine passion about new design directions and themes from all disciplines. I possess many strong personal qualities: I am fully skilled, self-motivated, determined, reliable and confident.

I found this when undertaking a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting Transport Design course at the University of Huddersfield. Design projects focused mainly on cars and were run either as live projects or University assignments. These projects involved tasks such as research reports, sketching, vehicle packaging, model making and CAD modelling with visualisation.

Since completing University, I have continued to pursue new design directions and themes, taking on CAD modelling, web design and web development. This has been highly enjoyable and motivating, allowing me to continue to improve and become more successful, both as an individual and within the web and design industry.

And now

I am currently working as a Web / Graphic Designer, but if you would like to get in touch with regard to any freelance design whether it be Web, Graphic or Vehicle design then feel free to get in touch with me here.


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