Web Design


I have worked as a web designer for 6 years professionally, completing around 100 - 150 projects in this time. All of these have been completed within the Staffordshire area for clients ranging from small start up businesses to large national companies. The main goal of many of the completed web design projects have been to either update or start a business off on the road to success with their website. I have also been working with company brand design in this time too - to ensure the branding and website are up-to the same high standard. All of these completed web design projects have been completed with the clients focus in mind, whilst also taking into consideration the UI and the site from usability point of view - Does it meet the clients design objectives? Will users be able to find what they are looking for? Does the website match the branding design of the company? With every website launched, a level of SEO and aftercare are put into action to ensure every client is as happy as the first.

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